Rights And Duties Of An Advocate

An advocate is the person who is expert in the world of law. An advocate has to a lot of duties towards the courts, clients, colleagues, opposition party as well as the society. The advocate have to maintain a respectful attitude towards the court as well as legal system. They can not facilitate the unauthorized practice of law.

If the clients of an advocate can afford the complete fees then an advocate is not supposed to take less fees. They can not use any illegal means to influence the decision of the court. An advocate must also follow the proper uniform. If the advocate is the member of the executive committee of any organization then they are not allowed to represent that organization.

An advocate have to train the younger lawyers as well as research in the legal discipline. They are not supposed to take the instructions from any other person than clients. They have to also enter the arrangement of the contingent fee.

Rights And Duties Of An Advocate

The advocate has a lot of duties as well as responsibilities. Here, you can see the various duties of an advocate:-

  • An advocate must act in a dignified manner.
  • An advocate should also respect the court.
  • The advocate can not communicate in the private.
  • The advocate are not allowed to act in an illegal manner towards the opposition.
  • An advocate have to refuse to represent the clients who insist on unfair means.
  • They have to also accept the briefs.
  • They are not allowed to withdraw from the services.
  • An advocate can never appear in the matters where he or she is witness.
  • It is their responsibility to do a frank disclosure to the client.
  • An advocate should not foment litigation.
  • An advocate have to try his best according to his or her ability.
  • They are not allowed to take the instruction from any other persons.

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